About 2,500 people return home to Monroe County every year from prisons and jails.

There is an urgent need to create a comprehensive, coordinated, and adequately funded local system of reentry that will fill gaps in service, enhance public safety, and reduce recidivism. The Reentry Association of Western NY (RAWNY) in partnership with other reentry stakeholder organizations, seeks to utilize the experience and skills of its members and Board of Directors to create a Reentry One-Stop that serves men and women returning to Monroe County from every level—local jails, state prisons, and federal detention

Who would be helped by the NY's Clean Slate Act? Rochester residents share stories

Robert Bell
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

'Jails to Jobs' Will Help Connect Formerly Incarcerated Individuals With Education and Opportunity

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Thank you to Career Start and President/CEO Lindsay McCutchen for their generous donation to RAWNY!  Career Start places hundreds of men and women with criminal histories into jobs.

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Five Easy Pieces

Five specific areas have a profound affect on someone’s ability to reenter the community and make a secure, law-abiding life for themselves...(click here)

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